Living Income Study Highlights

The Fair Circularity Initiative (FCI) and Systemiq are releasing highlights of a forthcoming study to inform treaty negotiations regarding how to assess and move towards a living income. 

Key recommendations

Achieving a living income for waste pickers should be a key aim in efforts to secure a Just Transition through the UN treaty. The treaty should:

  • define key terms, including ‘waste pickers’, and ‘workers in informal and cooperative settings’
  • include an annex setting out key principles for the design of effective Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems, including to promote social inclusiveness and fairness, by involving waste pickers and other informal workers upfront – and by improving health, safety, welfare and income of these workers
  • align provisions to improve waste management with the provisions on a Just Transition
  • include strong language to ensure that workers in the entire value chain benefit from recognition and legitimisation through basic social programs